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Manila Residences Bocobo offers amenities and features that offers safety and convenience for its residents. For recreation and leisure, there's a swimming pool, a function room for community events and gatherings, a gym and a viewing deck that can also be a jogging area.

There's a 24-hour security association, along with CCTV at the lobby. A fire alarm system is installed, along with an emergency power back-up system for the common area. Residents can coordinate with the information counter at the lobby for any complaints or requests, along with a paging system. An underground and elevated water tank is installed to ensure the water supply.

With its features and affordability, it's easy to see how one can live in convenience, security and elegance in the country's capital with the Manila Residences Bocobo.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Function Room
  • Gym
  • Children's Play Area
  • Viewing Deck / Jogging Area
  • Information Counter
  • Administration Office
  • Paging System
  • 24-Hour Association Security
  • 3 Elevators
  • Refuse Chute
  • AFSS / Fire Alarm System
  • Emergency Power Back-Up System For Common Area
  • CCTV at The Lobby
  • Cable TV Provision / MATV
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Individual Mailbox
  • Car Ramp Signalling System
  • Underground & Elevated Water Tank
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There will always be days when you just want to stay at home. Rather than get stuck in traffic and be exposed to too much pollution, Manila Residences Bocobo has every reason you need to spend your rest days or long weekends here in this property. You see, this residential development contains different amenities that can take care of your relaxation and leisure. With the help of these amenities, your idea of a home will never be the same again.

For starters, residents of this condominium property can enjoy the use of a swimming pool when the weather gets too hot. This amenity promises you a resort experience without taking up your time on the road or spending your earnings for a vacation trip. Plus, there’s also a function room where you and your friends can gather for any special occasion. With this room available for your use, having a party will always be on your schedule.

Staying in shape is a lot harder these days. With the surging popularity of fast food and a fast-paced lifestyle, gaining a lot of weight seems unavoidable. You can make sure that doesn’t happen, thanks to a fitness gym inside Manila Residences Bocobo. This gym houses different exercise equipment and machines to help you stay fit no matter what. Furthermore, there’s also a jogging area if you want to take a quick run. As a result, you get to live a healthier lifestyle and have the body you’ve always wanted.

Kids of all ages will definitely have a great time using a playground located within the premises of Manila Residences Bocobo. This amenity has several facilities that are conducive for children and their allotted play time. At the same time, these facilities are safe to use so you need not worry while your children are having the time of their lives.

Each residential unit in Manila Residences Bocobo is also filled with so many handy amenities and features that highlight your convenience. For instance, residents have their own mailbox for their personal purposes. These mailboxes are secure and only residents of this property will have access to them. There are also three elevators in this condominium property that allows fast access to your unit when you need to get home right away. Every unit is also powered by an emergency back up system when the power goes out and several water tanks to provide this important resource all the time.

On top of all these amenities is a reliable security system that stands guard over each resident’s safety in this property. A team of experienced security officials and personnel are always vigilant in keeping unknown people out of your home and ensuring no harm will fall upon you or your loved ones. Plus, a network of fire alarms is installed all over Manila Residences Bocobo to prevent any fire-related disaster.

Being bored at home is a thing of the past when you decide to live in this remarkable condominium property. All of these handy amenities are waiting for you here in Manila Residences Bocobo. With your relaxation, security, and leisure needs covered, there’s no turning back when you get to experience the very best of this residential development.

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